Top 5 Reasons To Hire Children’s Entertainers

1. Leave it to the professionals. Children’s entertainers do this on a weekly basis. Entertaining frequently allows professionals to gain experience in children’s games and especially children’s favorite games. As a parent, you might have an elaborate agenda of games such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and any other games you may find at the party store. A professional, experienced entertainment company will have a wide variety of games for children to play that have been tested, played and approved by children!2. Jumpers are dangerous. How many parties have you attended where children have bumped heads, fallen out of the jumpers, been a victim of deflated jumpers, worried about “the older kids,” host or parents couldn’t enjoy a conversation because they are too busy looking out for their own child in the jumper? I rest my case!3. Mom and Dad should enjoy the party. Hosting a party is a lot of work. You want to make sure there is enough food and that everyone is enjoying themselves, especially the children. Planning and leading activities for children is draining in addition to duties of host. Hire entertainment to allow yourself to enjoy the company of adult guests, which you probably do not see often. You should enjoy the party you have spent time and money to plan.4. Kids like structure, even at parties! Kids don’t say it but they crave structure. By having professional children’s entertainers lead games, kids understand the rules, the objectives and are guided through activities. When there are winners, prizes and excitement surrounding the activities, kids love it and participate more! Some kids may not participate but they know what to expect so they have just as much fun watching and cheering for their favorite participant.5. Beginning and end to your party. As much as you enjoy planning the party and the priceless smile and joyous laughter from your birthday child, no one can blame you for looking forward to the end of the party. Hiring entertainment is a nice way to give a time frame to your guests without being rude. Give your guests an hour to arrive, greet each other, have a drink, eat some food then schedule your entertainment an hour after the party’s official start time. Entertainment can be 1-2 hours of playing games, face painting, balloon twisting, dancing etc. When the entertainment is over, do the cake, open presents and your guests will get the hint that all festivities are over.

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